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ACNC Diagnosis Clinic is the check point for all new clients. Clients enter to ACNC Diagnosis Clinic through referral from other medical centers or based directly on their own request. Anyway, a comprehensive evaluation of psychiatric and psychological issues will be done for all clients who enter ACNC.
The specialized staff of ACNC Diagnosis Clinic consists of 6 psychiatrists and 11 psychologists who assess all aspects of clients’ problems. For more precise and accurate evaluation and diagnosis, infant/children, teenager, adult and family specialists are specifically assigned for evaluation and diagnosis process at ACNC.

Why should I enter Diagnosis Clinic?
I am not happy anymore. I just wanna cry!!! I guess I am depressed!
I become angry without any reason!!! Am I going to be hospitalized in a psychiatric hospital like my aunt?!
Recently, I’m not in a good mood. I cannot study my lessons. I’m not going to work. I don’t eat properly and cannot sleep well!!! People say I’m going mad?!

Can minor symptoms of performance drop and psychological problems like examples mentioned above be a reason for serious psychiatric disorders?

Specialized staff of ACNC Diagnosis Clinic examines problematic symptoms through detailed and in-depth clinical interview and effective diagnostic tools considering the evolutionary history of each client. Specialized staff of ACNC Diagnosis Clinic is responsible for detecting a problem, estimating its intensity, and offering a personalized therapy for each client.

What are the advantages of ACNC Diagnosis Clinic?
• Expertise and Experience: Specialized and experienced staff for detecting symptoms of the most difficult and unknown psychiatric and psychological disorders
• Diagnosis Team: Multi-dimensional examination of clients’ symptoms by diagnostic team consisting of physician, psychiatrist and psychologist
• Personalized Therapy Plan: Personalized diagnosis and therapy protocol according to each client’s specific needs and life context
• Diagnosis Based on the Most Recent Psychiatric and psychological Findings: ACNC Research Team are constantly studying the most recent diagnostic findings in order to use newest tools and modern diagnostic methods for offering the most appropriate therapy package suited to client’s problem.

ACNC Diagnosis Clinic Services
1. Specialized Commissions
a. Specialized Newborn and Infant Diagnosis Commission (0-3 Years Old):

This commission detects early growth, developmental and psychiatric disorders in newborns and infants. This commission aims to prevent serious disorders and also to identify and develop talents and strength of newborns and infants.
b. Specialized Child Diagnosis Commission (3-12 Years Old):
This commission’s priority is to examine and prevent symptoms of behavioral problems (defying, screaming, lying, escaping from school, and etc.), educational issues (attention deficiency, learning disorders, writing disorders, dyslexia, dyscalculia and etc.), emotional complications (stress, depression, obsession, and etc.), and communication troubles (communication with peers, family, adults and etc.).
c. Specialized Teenage and Puberty Diagnosis Commission (12-18 Years Old):
This Commission’s aim is to study and evaluate secondary issues of puberty and physiological and hormonal changes related to this evolutionary stage. Teenage depression (educational drop, aggression, sexual issues and so on); obsessive-compulsive disorder (sensitivity to order, obsessive cleaning, ritual behaviors, religious believes, and so on); adolescent maladaptive behaviors (using drugs, smoking, drinking alcohol, gambling and so on); communication issues (outburst, defying, aggression, maladaptive sexual behaviors and so on) are the subjects addressed in this commission.
d. Specialized Adult Diagnosis Commission (18 Years Old and More):
In this commission, symptoms related to psychological problems and issues related to adults such as depression (lack of interest and enjoyment, disappointment, frustration, exhaustion, lack of energy, …); stress (apprehension, excessive anxiety, attention deficiency, …); mood swing/instability (not concerning the consequences of a specific behavior, several job or education field switches, …); obsession; inability to adapt to new situations; drug abuse; and so on are examined.
e. Specialized Premarital Commission:
Examining individual/family history along with measuring personality features and characteristics of couples provides a full perspective of how they will interact in the future. This will help the couple to predict the strengths and weaknesses of their future marital life.
f. Specialized Family commission:
Studying and identifying communication problems of couples and family members, identifying drivers, catalyzers and extenders of the problem according to the previous history, and the personality and behavioral characteristics of each family member are the subjects that the family commission focuses on.
g. Specialized Sexual and Pelvic Disorders’ Diagnosis Commission
Assessing sexual dysfunctions related to pregnancy and post-partum; unusual changes in sexual desire; erectile, ejaculation and orgasm dysfunctions; painful intercourse; vaginismus; dysfunctions related to pelvic floor muscles (such as enuresis, encopresis, …) are the main subjects in Sexual and Pelvic Disorders’ Diagnosis Commission at ACNC.
2. Holding Specialized Diagnosis Workshops


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