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ACNC Psychometrics Laboratory as the oldest specialized psychological polyclinic during the past years attempts to objectively evaluate psychological and mental abilities by tests so that ACNC experts are able to propose appropriate therapeutic solutions.
Inherit and unobservable complexity of human mental characteristics has led to an inaccurate understanding of his cognition so that one cannot help him to solve his problem. Additionally, because of the multidimensional nature of mental characteristics, even experienced and expert psychologists are not able to diagnose human’s behavioral problems with full certainty; therefore, they use psychological tests for precise diagnosis and suggesting better therapeutic approaches.
To meet organizational objectives, ACNC Psychometrics Laboratory aims to provide up to date and specific tests for more accurate and precise diagnosis, and proposing suitable solutions to psychologists and psychiatrists in all relevant fields so that treatment process is done fast and with high quality. This results in shorter therapy duration and decreased therapy expenses.
Treatment process at ACNC requires clients’ referral to Psychometrics Lab after primary diagnosis at specialized commission to take the necessary psychological tests. Test results are then sent to the commission for final diagnosis. If needed, Psychometrics Lab manger suggests complementary tests based on the results of preliminary tests before referring the client to the commission again.
Moreover, Psychometrics Lab helps different organizations such as banks and schools as the most important institutions of society in employing efficient staffsince the human resources are the major part of every organization’s capital.
ACNC Psychometrics Lab aims to help individuals with psychological and cognitive problems as the only center in Iran with a comprehensive set of specific and exclusive testssuch as Woodcock-Johnson Tests of Cognitive and Educational Abilities, Bayley Scales of Infant and Toddler Development, CANTAB, IVA-II, VIENNA, BOT, and many other tests.
Talent detection is one of the challenging areas for assessing the basic characteristics required for every carrier. ACNC Psychometrics Lab is ready to precisely assess abilities and characteristics necessary for different carriers with specific and specialized tests. This laboratory has made a great progress in detecting educational and occupational talents in children, adolescents, and adults.
In addition to what mentioned above, ACNC Psychometrics Lab provided the infrastructure of online services to run web-based test. This helps ACNC Psychometrics Lab to collect data from all over Iran for reliability and validity of test in order to provide high quality assessment and evaluation services.


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Therapeutic staff

Zohre Najiani

Darya Madineh

Hossein DadashZadeh

Samira al-sadat Mirzamani

Pantea Khajepour

samira zakerin

Negar Samedani

mohammad amin taherpour

Sara Azizi

Rezvan Bigdeli