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ACNC Evolution Clinic was established in 2014 to help children and their families to fill the growth and evolution gaps with specialized therapeutic and rehabilitative interventions so that family challenges are reduced and enhance children’s performance. The main purpose of this clinic is to focus on children’s evolutionary issues to provide up-to-date therapeutic services in one place for children with evolutionary disorders.
Several factors including genetics, postpartum disorders, infectious diseases, sensory and emotional deprivations and so many known and unknown factors can disrupt in the evolution procedure of growth and development of a child and prevent child’s natural process of growth and development. This affects different growth steps including motor development (sitting, crawling, walking, agility, motor coordination, gross and fine motor skills, …), cognitive development (attention, learning, language and speech, memory, …), and emotional-social development (ability to communicate and mutual interact with others, cognition, emotions, …). These issues are either diagnosed as specific disorders and syndromes or multiple and complex conditions which confront child and the family with serious challenges.
Families come to ACNC, when they notice any problem in growth and evolution aspects of their children that is inexplicable exactly. When they arrive at ACNC, they fill some forms and primary tests are given. Afterwards, a Specialized Child Diagnosis Commission is set up in which interview, observation and specialized diagnostic evaluation is made. If the diagnosis commission detectsany evolutionary and growth disorders, child is referred toACNC Evolution Clinic.
In this stage, manager of ACNC Evolution Clinic arrange a meeting for initialcounseling and choosing the right therapy and therapist regarding child’s condition. In this meeting, clinic manager provide families with information about therapy plan. Then, the therapy plan begins which includes different and multidimensional interventions. After each therapy period, evaluation meetings are held by clinic manager in order to continuously monitor the therapy progression according to therapeutic needs of the child. Therapy and intervention period can be short or long-term regarding the type and intensity of child’s disorder. Eventually, after therapy sessions are done, child and the family are dismissed if the therapist(s), clinic manager and child’s family approve that positive changes are made in child and the problem is solved.
The therapeutic services of ACNC Evolution Clinic include:
• Occupation therapy
• Speech therapy
• tDCS (Transcranial direct-current stimulation)
• Teaching concepts
• Promoting parenting knowledge
• Individual psychotherapy
• Massage therapy
• Medical intervention
• Audition
• Evolutionary play therapy
• Group training of communication skills
ACNC Evolution Clinic provides specialized diagnosis and therapy services on:
• Autism spectrum disorder
• Intellectual disability
• Development coordination disorder
• Global development delay
• Communication disorders (language disorder, speech sound disorder, stuttering, social communication disorder)


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Therapeutic staff

Mansoureh FarzinFar

Somayeh ArmaghanZadeh

Mahsa FarahmandPour

Roya Rezaei

Sahel HasanKhani

Mahsa Peykani

tahereh karami shoar

Nasrin BehnamNezhad

fatemeh ahmadi

marzieh dosti

Solmaz Eghbal