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ACNC is one of the most experienced and oldest specialized psychological and psychiatric centers which takes advantage of a team of psychologists and psychiatrists to provide services for families, children, adolescents and adults since 2007. ACNC Family clinic –as a subset of ACNC-addresses interpersonal relationships and provides services to empower individuals in relationships. ACNC Family Clinic specifically makes interventions or provides consultation for problems and issues appeared in the context of interactions between two or more individuals who experience close relationships. These issues range from premarital emotional relationships to relationships between the members of a family.
It is necessary that humans –as a social species- understand that they need to communicate and interact with different people in physical, mental and social levels from birth to death. In this evolutionary process, they need the help of specialists not only to improve their abilities to effectively communicate but also to solve their personal and interpersonal conflicts.Improved abilities and solved conflicts can lead an individual to feel safe and loved. Feeling safe and loved increases one’s self-confidence so that he/she can explore internal and external world for self-actualization.
As a result of the necessity of communication and relationships for evolution and self-actualization, ACNC Family Clinic aims at providing psychological and psychiatric services for clients. ACNC Family Clinic provides services listed below:
• Premarital Counseling and preparation for marriage
• Improving sexual life quality and training sexual skills
• Sexual disorders
• Emotional break ups and mourning process
• Divorce and abandonment (preparing for divorce, adjustment after divorce)
• Extramarital affairs and betrayal
• Emotional and communication issues (identifying and correcting aggressive, disruptive and controlling behaviors of family members)
• Adjusting with physical issues, chronic illnesses, and therapeutic instructions (addiction, diabetes, so on)
• Personality disorders
• Communication and interpersonal problems and issues
ACNC family clinic have committed experts to provide high quality services and satisfaction for clients including:
• Clinical psychologist
• Couples therapist
• Family therapist
• Health psychologist
• Child clinical psychologist
• Psychiatrist
• Sex therapist
As other clinics at ACNC, counseling and intervention process at Family Clinic starts with diagnosis commission. Specialized diagnosis team -consisting of a psychologist and a psychiatrist- take the medical and psychological history of the client. Tests are given if required. Clients diagnosed with relationship issues or problems are referred to ACNC Family Clinic. Client is introduced to the therapist and counseling or intervention process begins. Clinic manger, deputy of therapy, deputy of neuroscience research and head of the ANCN monitor the treatment protocols and service quality during the therapy.
ACNC Family Clinic’s main purpose is to improve psychological health and interpersonal relationships. So, Family Clinic assures you a committed and specialized companionship.

Therapeutic Staff

Farshad Sheybani

Leyla Azizi

Valae Mousavi

Elham Aghaei

Dena Adili

Fatemeh Forouzesh Yekta

Alireza Mohtasham

Maryam Bidadian

Mahboubeh Khajeh Rasouli
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