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A short glance at different commercial ads in newspapers, journals or the Internet will present you with a lot of different ways for losing weight. This indicates two important points: first, there are a lot of people with overweight issues facing its consequences; and second, there are a lot of ways presented for solving this problem.
People are watching these advertisements for years. But what is the real problem? Despite the fact that we all know about obesity and its consequences, why do we see a huge number of over-weighted people all around? And what is the reason that they cannot reach their ideal weight, although they decide to again and again? Why do diets and different fast weigh loss plans not work? Why do people fail to lose weight with these methods?
Weight loss has a great effect on life quality of obese individuals. If an obese individual loses only5% of his weight, he reduces the risk of heart attacks and brain strokes by 50%; and this is just one of the benefits of weight loss.
But how can lose weight with a right method? This is the most important and frequent question all overweighed people ask specialists. To answer this question, we need to answer first why people eat more that their body needs? This is a more profound question, because it helps us to detect where the problems comes from. This specific question has an implied answer in itself that going on a diet is the right path and other actions are needed before going on a diet. In other words, the problem is not eating but why we eat!
At ACNC Obesity Clinic, you will learn that what controls eating process is not your stomach; it is your brain performance that controls eating. Our brain has complex functions and we cannot change its performance towards eating by simply going on diets.
If you look at your behavior deeply, you will find that most of the time you eat because you enjoy it. Or you eat to calm down when you are angry. At these situations your need for eating is more than the time you are hungry. Sometimes you don’t know why you are eating! You only experience a powerful feeling of need for eating. In other terms, you have cravings which get stronger when you are sad, anxious, or angry.
Therefore, if you want to lose weight, going on a diet is not the only action required. First, you need to identify thoughts and behaviors while eating and learn how to prevent cravings, change wrong eating habits, prepare the environment, change you relationships, and developing emotion regulation skills. These actions are necessary for changing your thoughts and behaviors resulting in over-eating. Consequently, you can lose weight by taking these actions. But, changing thoughts needs time. You cannot change your thoughts and behaviors at once. These are all facts about losing weight, so don’t seek for super-fast waysfor changing. It is not possible.To lose weight, it is necessary to be aware of current circumstances, accept deficiencies, andto be committed to move step by step.
ACNC Obesity Clinic evaluates and examines clients with a multidimensional approach (considering biological, mental and social aspects). Then, modern and new treatments are presented based on the most recent findings in neuroscience as well as individual’s needs.
ACNC Obesity Clinic offers specialized services for losing weight, treating obesity and binge-eating disorder.

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